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Our mission is to inspire healthcare providers to become Medical Mavericks, to break free from the constraints of traditional healthcare, and instead deliver intuitive medicine that truly heals and transforms lives. 

Now is the time to embrace a new era of healthcare. Let’s rise above the status quo, awaken your potential, and create a profound impact. Join Henry's Guild, and together, let's revolutionize healthcare, one intuitive step at a time.

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Introducing Henry's Guild,

an exclusive opportunity for Doctors and Medical Professionals who are serious about transforming their practice.

Enrollment for Henry's Guild is limited and by invitation only.  All potential new members must submit a request to be interviewed by Dr. Jason West. To join the Guild, click any button on this page to schedule an interview.

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Why leave your practice growth to standard strategies that don't work?


Your investment includes:

  • Comprehensive and customized online training that dives deep into Dr. Jason West's proven strategies for growing a successful practice rooted in intuitive medicine.
  • Comprehensive in-person and virtual training in unique therapies rarely offered in traditional practices, transforming your clinic into a destination for patients seeking specialized care.

  • Insights into how to build strong teams, attract qualified staff, and create a positive work environment.
  • How to set up private label supplements and products to boost your brand and increase residual sales.
  • One full year of access to Dr. Jason West's exclusive Protocol Vault with detailed treatment guidelines for hundreds of conditions.
  • Secrets behind creating your expert status in your community.
  • Strategies for marketing that most doctors aren't doing...but should!
  • Dr. Jason's protocols for a patient experience that keeps them coming back...and referring their friends.
  • and so much more!

Discover Dr. Jason West's strategies, processes, practices, and techniques to managing and growing a million-dollar practice.  Become a Medical Maverick and get access to the entire program, live training on key treatments, the Protocol Library, and Dr. Jason's signature Patient Education system!

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Discover proven secrets not found anywhere else.  Glean 4 Generations of Experience, exclusively available to Guild Members...

Not found in any school or university, Henry's Guild is a culmination of four generations of successfully serving patients in a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional ways; many of which other doctors said could not be treated.

As a Guild member, you will have the unique opportunity to gain a perspective that will turn your practice into one that patients will travel hundreds of miles to visit.

Just want to attend one workshop?

You CAN!  Although the best results come from the full membership, you can also reserve your seat in one of the upcoming LIVE workshops!  Space is limited, so apply now!  Our next workshop is:

2024 Dates Coming Soon

Unveiling the Invisible: Live Blood Analysis & Microscope Summit


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Watch Dr. Jason in action with on-the-job training.  Shadow Dr. J in his clinic in Pocatello, Idaho.  Learn first-hand with real patients, his staff, and associates.  Apply today for this limited-time opportunity.  Spaces fill fast for these intensive learning days.


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What will YOUR practice look like a year from now...

...if you do nothing...

or if you Join the Guild?

How many seminars, classes, and courses would you have to take to get even a small slice of what you will find inside the Guild?  And will they give you the answers you seek?  The world needs more doctors who are willing to look beyond the "box" and create programs that truly help their patients.

Will that be you?

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Meet Dr. Jason West

 “I’ve seen it time and time again – patients who come into The West Clinic who have tried everything (drugs, therapy, surgery – both standard and experimental), only to find that nothing has worked. And now they are desperate. While I’m glad they’ve come to see me, I wish they would have come sooner. Then they wouldn’t have suffered so much while receiving ‘normal medical treatments’ – that in the end didn’t work.”

Dr. Jason West runs the world-renowned clinic in Pocatello, Idaho, and has patients from every state and from every continent, including celebrities, athletes, and leaders. The West Clinic was started in 1916 and celebrates 100+ years of practice with four generations of doctors.  As a fouth generation practitioner, Dr. West learned both old and new strategies, techniques, and treatments, much of which he shares throughout his coaching through Henry's Guild.

Dr. West attended the Southern California University of Health Sciences and was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award (from students) and the Presidential Leadership Award from the President. In 2012 and in 2016, Dr. Jason West was awarded the Idaho Chiropractor of the Year Award.  Dr. West has been relentless in furthering his education. He completed a fellowship in Oriental Medicine, a Diplomate in nutrition, and a second doctorate as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. He uses his diverse educational background and other health care providers (MD, NP, DC, ND, and LAc) at the West Clinic to develop comprehensive treatment plans for all diseases.

Dr. West is a published author in the scientific literature on headaches. He also has several books, 2 of which include Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease, a #1 Amazon Best Seller, and Hidden Secrets to Healthy Living, a healthy living manual and cookbook. Dr. West has lectured around the world at conferences. He loves teaching seminars for doctors on topics such as clinical nutrition, blood chemistry, chronic disease, and energy deficits as well as motivating staff members and educating patients, and also provides personal consulting with doctors that wish to excel in health care. 

And now, Dr. West is sharing is expertise and key strategies to creating a massively successful practice inside Henry's Guild.

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